A goal of personal excellence;

driving strategic brand growth.

Great people. Great brands.
Great people. Great brands.

The Springboard for Growth into New Markets.

Baobab is the partner of choice for the world’s premier fast food brands that want to increase their footprint – yet want to ensure that their quality of product, infrastructure for service and brand attributes remain world class.

To achieve the above, requires the appropriate culture. Baobab’s ethos is rooted in the strength of its people embracing its company values. With a continuous drive to achieve personal excellence, the result is growth – for the company and the brands it grows and maintains.

That’s why global leaders, choose Baobab as their brand custodian.

A strategy based on insight and experience.

The world is ambiguous. Baobab’s thinking is not.

It is flexible, yet rigorous; a separation of symptoms from causes; a relentless focus on great results, respecting the boundaries and unique facets of the brand, resulting in strong performance on all parameters. 

The ongoing tradition of Baobab’s culture is supported by 10 core values: SmartCommunicationImpactTransformingInnovationCouragePassionAuthenticSelflessHeart

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